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Amy Champion, MEd, LCPC


Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Certified School Counselor

Divorce & Co-Parenting Mediator

I am grateful and humble to be able to provide counseling and mediation services in my community.  I have been working as a counselor for over 20years and focus my work to help survivors of abuse, families navigating a divorce/co-parenting issues, and those looking to find direction in their life.   In addition to my experience and training, I believe my down to earth personality will put you at ease. Your story, your experience, and your collection of struggles are unique to you.  I am a firm believer in a collaborative approach wherein the therapist and client work together to navigate the vulnerability and courage needed for change. It is through this therapeutic process that effective growth occurs.   When not at work, I spend my time with my family and having fun participating in my children's lives.  I am a big fan of morning tea, camp fires, being active and adventures.



Licensed Professional Counselor

Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor

Substance Abuse Professional

Hi! My name is Sarah Brooks and I have been a counselor for the past eight years. I received my MA in Professional Counseling from Lindenwood University. I have experience working with youth and adults regarding substance abuse and mental health concerns. Counseling requires teamwork and I am here to help you achieve your counseling goals and become the best version of yourself. I provide a non-judgmental and supportive environment to help my clients
feel safe, heard, and understood. I use a variety of counseling techniques such as motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy, and solution focused therapy. In my
free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, and spending time outdoors. I lookforward to working with you!

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Elizabeth Lee, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor

My name is Elizabeth Lee and I have my MA in Professional Counseling from Lindenwood  University. I can offer the convenience and flexibility of doing therapy from the comfort of your own home while utilizing a safe and HIPAA complaint platform with ease.
I use a blended approach from different clinical modalities and tailor them to your specific needs including: cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, psychotherapy, and solution focused therapy. I see adults as well as adolescents and I have experience working with a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, trauma, self-harm, relationship difficulties, adjustment disorders and mood disorders. My priority is to offer a therapeutic relationship where you feel comfortable and accepted in a
safe and non-judgmental environment. I see my clients as a whole person, not as your presenting
problem and It is imperative to me that you feel heard and understood. I love being a therapist and my goal is to instill hope and peace back into your life.


Destiny McCain, LPCA

Certified School Counselor

Applied Licensed Professional Counselor

Hi, I am Destiny McCain. I have a passion for people and understand that navigating the demands of life can be overwhelming. I started my career in mental health in 2015 having received a dual masters degree in professional and school counseling from Lindenwood University. Since that time I have been providing counseling and coaching services to individuals and families in both schools and community agencies. I am an ADHD advocate and my specialty is using solution-focused brief therapy to help you maximize your gains in a minimal amount of time. The more success you see, the better you will feel. The better you feel, the more confidence you will have to tackle your next goal. Whether you are struggling with ADHD and anxiety, battling bouts of depression or someone who is just experiencing a whole lot of life right now, I would love to be your champion… Your best self awaits!



Nicole Price, MA, LPCA

 Applied Licensed Professional Counselor

Hello! My name is Nicole Price and I attended Missouri Baptist University where I received my master’s degree in clinical Mental Health Counseling. I have a diverse background working with individuals of all ages.

My passion is helping families heal by giving parents tools to support their children’s growth, and children and teens coping skills to respond to their symptoms and situations. My work with families and individuals focuses on helping change negative relational patterns, introducing healthy coping, communication skills, as well as gaining insight leading to behavioral change.

 I utilize cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), play therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and solution focused therapy, art therapy and family therapy to assist clients in reaching their goals. 


Valencia McPike, MA, LAMFT

 Licensed Associate Marriage

and Family Therapist

My name is Valencia McPike.  I have my Master of Science in Educational Psychology and my Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy. My mission is to reach as many clients as possible no matter the age, in a place that is safe and nonjudgmental. Counseling is a place where you can truly be respected, encouraged, and empowered.  I love working with families, couples, and children.  I believe that a therapist’s goal is to be trustworthy, genuine, compassionate, and adaptable. I look forward to working with you to help achieve your goals.  

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Taylor Merritt, MA, LPCA

 Applied Licensed Professional Counselor

My name is Mr. Taylor Merritt and I received my MA in Professional Counseling from Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri.  My goal is to assist children and adolescents to receive mental health care that meets their individual needs, fosters hope, helps create positive change, and provides a safe place for young people and their families to learn to live more productive, peaceful and fulfilling lives.  Previously, I received a degree in Theatre from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and have spent 8 years in education for various local districts in special education.  I believe in the good of all children and believe it "takes a village" to raise a healthy child.  It is my hope that I can partner with children and their families to take steps towards reaching my client's personal goals.   I would describe my counseling approach as educational and conversational and I utilize a wide variety of counseling modalities to equip clients with skills and tools for healthy lifestyles.  I look forward to hearing from you and congratulate you on taking the first step towards better living.

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Suzanne Mullins, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Sometimes we all need someone to listen to us as we attempt to make sense of the world. And the past few years have given us a lot of craziness to make sense of! I can help you to untangle your thoughts and feelings and find a sense of peace with the hand you have been dealt. Together, I can guide you to pick up the pieces and rebuild with greater joy and quality of life.

I use an eclectic approach to meet my clients where they are and introduce tools I feel will be useful for that individual. Additionally, for the past 8 years I have specialized in treating clients with chronic illness as well as their caretakers.



Kaylle Ramseier, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor


Over the last ten years, I have had the privilege of assisting individuals like you to successfully navigate the complexities of life, offering support through challenges such as trauma, adoptions, family conflict, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, substance abuse, and many others.

Carl Rogers, a pioneer in counseling, once stated, "One of the most satisfying experiences I know is just to fully appreciate an individual in the same way I appreciate a sunset." This sentiment encapsulated my philosophy as a counselor. I strive to fully appreciate and understand you just as you are with awe, respect, and a recognition of the unique essence that makes your journey special. 

My approach to counseling is rooted in a deep curiosity about the unique narratives that shape each individual's experiences. I believe this curiosity, coupled with genuine connection, will be the cornerstone of your therapeutic process and growth.

I look forward to meeting you, learning from you, and exploring the paths of growth, resilience, and self-discovery you will take. Thank you in advance for entrusting me with your stories, and 

here's to the next chapter of our shared exploration of what makes your journey special.

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